“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”

Scott Bailey is owner of SG Painting Company of Lake Norman, Inc. He has many years of paint experience, starting with working to pay college tuition. After graduating from Drexel University, he worked in several industries, always concentrated on developing strong customer relationships. Along the way, equally important were developing and managing people, as well as being able to create and manage personnel scheduling. Before starting his own business in 2002, he worked as a productivity analyst, leading other companies in finding more productive and efficient ways to complete their tasks and processes. Some of the most important principles to the business are earning the trust of our customers, building a superior and rewarding reputation in the Lake Norman region, providing a career-minded living to employees and finding solutions to issues and focusing on the details. SG Painting is not a franchise, meaning that the money made here stays in the area, not sent to a faceless corporation elsewhere. A Residential Painting Contractor that can be counted on!