Our Standards

In the course of doing business in this area for a decade and a half, we have become a choice for property owners who believe their projects are worth doing properly.  And we intend to maintain that reputation and your trust using these same principles:

  • Knowledge—knowing and using the best painting practices, techniques, standards
  • Materials—using premium paints and products
  • Expertise—employing well-compensated, experienced, and motivated career painters
  • Service—making the process as easy as possible for you, from the initial estimate to the final walk-through
  • Honesty—treating you as we would want to be treated if our roles were reversed
  • Fully Insured—you bear no liability in the unlikely event one of our employees is injured on your property

Our Guarantee

We do not pretend that we use the best painting practices and materials or “treat our customers as we would ourselves” for purely altruistic reasons.

Instead, we believe “confidence, trust, and predictability” along with premium materials and workmanship are the best way for our company to grow and prosper.

After you choose SG Painting Company as your painter, we want our every move to confirm that you’ve made the very best choice. And one way we ensure your comfort and confidence is with our no-nonsense guarantee, which we believe is the best in the business:

We guarantee both our labor and materials for a minimum of one year—whether interior or exterior, new paint or repaint, homeowner or commercial.  We say minimum of one year only because some people feel better being able to attach a number to something.  If a customer contacts us from more than one year previous, we still feel obligated assess the problem and help to resolve situation, whether a warranty issue or not.  The actual approach I have found customers feel the most comfortable with is “If you have a problem, call me.  We will be here”.

The simply reason this philosophy works is because we live here too.  That means in the unlikely event you do need guarantee work completed by us down the road—we’ll be here, which is no small consolation in an industry where 25 percent of entrants go out of business in the first three years!